Being Geek and Solve Problems

Posted on Thu 07 October 2010 in Developer Read in 1 min.


Sometimes in my life when I face a problem I do everything/mean to solve it, because the feeling of solving problems is wonderful feeling specially if you eager to solve problems and puzzles, like the feeling that Isaac Newton had when he got hit by fallen Apple and discover the notion of gravitation and said “I find it I find it”.

Or the feeling Tom Hanks/Chuck Noland in Cast Away (2000) had when he made a fire by using wood and said “I made a fire I made a fire”.


If I face a problem anytime I can’t do anything except totally focus on solving it, usually I forget about anything around me and keep focusing on solving it, I forget about sleep, food, drink, and even people, All what I want to solve this little buggy problem.

Now days in work, when I face a problem, I wish there’s more than 8 working hours, because I get a bad feeling when I need to leave the office and go home, or they will close the work place and leave me there alone.

For me solving problem or puzzles is more fun and joyful than anything except one special thing I do every evening (please don’t get me wrong), I think this’s why I love being geek and programmer.