Advice to Junior Developers

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One day I answered What is the best advice you can give to a junior programmer? question on I was shocked that my answer got many upvotes, so I thought to share my answer to this question on my blog.

First, let me acknowledge you that my answers are just my experience, what I missed during my career as software developer, and I wished someone told me this advice.

  1. Be humble be foolish be patient, you have a long journey of learning, so keep learning. Technologies are changing so fast, so fast that you can't master everything, but you need to read about everything in software development, read blogs, news, etc. Invest your learning time in what you'll be master in.

  2. Don’t be afraid to fail. Making mistakes is a part of the learning, so please don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from them. Even great software developers got fired, made mistakes, and they feel down, but what makes them great that they get up and learn from mistakes.

  3. Read about The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming You will need these commandments during your journey, They helped me in my first job with a …

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Being a Team member

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unsplash-logoKaren Maes

The Start

In September 2017 I left my job and my life in Kuwait and traveled to the Netherlands to join Veneficus as Software developer, one of the reasons I moved to the Netherlands is to work in a team and I started to feel being a solo developer is bad for my career.

I joined a team of 7 developers mixed between full-time and part-time, and start to fell there are some missing skills I need to develop, and yes I was correct I worked alone for almost 7 years. What is it mean working alone? it means no need for communication, no need for development plans, no need for technical debates, no need to manage your time or other team member's time. In the beginning, I feel so bad and stressed with that change, to be honest, I made many mistakes, but with a growth mindset you need to learn from mistakes and grow and fix them, os what I did?

Community Help!

First, I asked for community help, I went to PythonistaCafe forum and posted my situation and the members gave me great answers regarding my situation, and one member point me to something …

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