Microsoft Windows Phone Just DO It.

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In the beginning of 2013 my HTC Desire HD screen broke and I had to buy new phone, I did my investigation and found Nokia Lumia 920 is the best one for me, I bought it with the risk of Microsoft Windows Phone is not mature enough and it has apps less than Android and iOS. I tool the same risk when I bought HTC Desire HD, Android wasn’t mature enough and has apps less than iOS, but Google was super fast to develop its mobile OS and take big leap in mobile market and attract developers to its platform.

Microsoft Windows Phone has many missing features and these features include simple basic feature “I’ll mention them later” but if Microsoft Windows Phone didn’t accelerate its development and listen to its customer, it’ll lose them and it’ll lose the tiny market share it has. Many apps are missing in Microsoft Windows Phone and I don’t know why companies aren’t developing their apps for Microsoft Windows Phone, for example instagram they didn’t develop its app but “ONE” developer developed an app called 6tag which is better than instagram app on Android and iOS …

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Weekend Project: Torrent Download Server

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I’ve an old PC with Pentium 4 processor, so I want to use it instead of keep it off, so I’ve got an idea to make it Torrent Download Server.

What does I need to make it Torrent Download Server?

  1. I need a way to connect to it without sitting front, I use Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Torrent client, I use uTorrent.
  3. Open port in your Router aka. Port forwarding.
  4. The Torrent files you want to download, you can get them from many website, but I recommend btjunkie demonoid torrentz & for series I suggest eztv

torrent server

The main usage of this TDS is downloading my favorite TV series automatically without checking it daily, once the torrent file published on the internet boom the server get it & start to download the new episode,

So tell me how I can do it? tell me now, hey you tell me how I can do it? OK OK, I’ll tell you the secret right now:

  1. Grab the RSS torrent feed for your favorite series, for example let’s say The Big Bang Theory:

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