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unsplash-logoJames Pond


After many years of developing web applications, I found my passion is building Web APIs. so why I like it, I like it because I think it's giving your application a power to integrate with other apps (desktop, mobile apps, etc.), other devices (Amazon Dot, Google Home, etc.), sensors (RaspberryPi, Arduino, etc.), and bots (Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messanger, etc.). Can you feel the power that Web API that can add to your apps?

Let's build something

After I found my passion and start to search for a project to ably what I like and keep developing it. I found that there is no Web API for Quran Tafseer/Translation. What can Quran Tafseer API do for developers? If you want to develop an application for Quran and you want to provide a Tafseer/Translation to the application users, you need to gather the information from more than one source. I found most of the existing applications done it and after that work, app developers will keep this information available to their app only, so I thought of doing this work for the community and provide Tafseer/Translation for free as Web API.


Stage I

I …

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