Thank you Python 🐍 community

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thank you

November 2015 I left my comfort zone, and I started my journey with Python, it was not an easy start. I was a Windows/Microsoft guy, I was using Microsoft Visual Studio on a daily basis, and Windows was my primary OS. I switched to macOS and Pycharm; I picked these to make my transition easier than using Linux (Ubuntu) and Vim.

After 2 months of figuring out what are virtualenv, pip, python version, and environment variable. I started another milestone of how to write a pythonic code while that I went to DjangoCon, and I saw how awesome this community is. WOW 🤗, this community is very welcoming for newcomers, and since this day I'm in ❤️ with this community.

Like someone said to me "You are staying because of people not because of the language." Indeed, the community is excellent 👍🏻, and it is what makes this language impressive and always adopting the future.

I want to thank all human beings in this community form leaders to the starters (welcome BTW 😉), thank you for being a part of this community and making this community.

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