Can Improve Your Problem Solving Skill

Posted on Mon 05 October 2015 in Developer Read in 2 min.

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Recently I posted that your daily job can kill your skills, and I mentioned specifically the problem solving skill, as a software developer problem solving skill is one of the most important and key skill you need to master to be a good developer, in the post I mentioned that I started to solve code puzzles on, it is good but during one of session the developer mentioned and I thought to give it a try, so I signed in and start to solve some puzzles aka katas and get higher in rank, and I discovered the differences and why is better from my perspective.

CodeWars advantages

In CodeWars you’ll start to solve puzzles (it’s called kata) from starting rank (easy katas) toward much harder ones and this is common in code puzzles website, but what is special about CodeWars:

  1. Check others solutions: After post your solution you can view others solutions, and this can really help you in crafting the skill, for example you solved one kata and after you checked others solutions, you discovered better solutions “WOW these guys solved it in very clean way", and now you know how to solve the problem with more than one way, and how to solve it in clean way.
  2. Write your own tests: While you are trying to solve the kata, you can write your own unit tests using CodeWars test framework and test your solution before submit your final code, this will increase the skill of writing tests.
  3. Search: During the thinking process, you will do search (Googling) to get the best solution and this will increase your knowledge about the language and moreover libraries inside the language. Believe me some developers don’t have the skill of search and getting the best solution and don’t underestimate this skill.
  4. Discussions: You can ask and have a discussion with other warriors about certain Kata, if you have any problem with the kata don’t hesitate to ask the community, they are very active and you will get fast responses.
  5. Contribution: After you get certain rank you can add new kata, translate one kata to other language like if a warrior submitted JavaScript kata you can translate it to Python, vote for beta katas, or vote for other warrior solution.

I really like and I’m using it for several month now and I’m a big fan. Please if you will give it a try sign up with this link to give me honor points, and don’t forget to follow me there.