Communication with your customer

Posted on Sat 10 March 2012 in Developer Read in 2 min.

people sleeping on the floor at airport

Today I was having a flight from Egypt, Cairo International Airport to Kuwait International Airport and when the airplane was almost reach Kuwait the pilot keep flying in circles and never enter the Kuwaiti boards and fly to the Arabian Gulf for 15 minutes we are wondering Why is he flying in all direction but not the one to Kuwait?

This situation give me a sight for How your customer will feel when you haven’t or stop giving him/her information about the software. s/he’ll keep wondering what is he doing to my product? Is it done? Is it won’t be done?  and sometimes his/her mind will go to the opposite direction of what you are doing.

Finally we found that there is a sandstorm at Kuwait International Airport and the visibility is zero and we can’t land, so we changed our direction to Dubai Airport to land there and what for the sandstorm to stop so we can get back. None of us thing in this.

The part above I wrote while I’m sitting on floor beside the power socket to charge my laptop s I can write these thoughts and here I’m from another date and time after one week from this journey sitting on my couch continue writing this post, as I felt and saw the final result of what the airline did to us, after suffering from lack of information and even if we got it we get it too late, after we landed at the destination everyone forgive the airline because it deliver what we want, we want to get home have some rest in our bed, we want to get home whatever it takes and this what the airline did but with so mistakes but after it did it we become a happy customers.

The bottom line: keep communicate with your customers and tell them what you’re doing even if it’s not the best way to do it or what you’re facing right now, and remember what the customer want is the most important goal you must get it whatever whenever however.