Posted on Sun 02 January 2011 in Developer Read in 2 min.


After listening to This Developer’s Life podcast episode 1.1.0 Disconnecting and what Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery told us about what they felt when they tried to unplug/disconnect from their Technical world, I decided to try it by myself, so I had one extra day in this weekend with my family so I decided to take one day trip away from the crowded city & go to the far south of Kuwait where modern life seems far far away.

I took this chance & tried to stay away from checking my Twitter & Facebook, what’s new in the .NET world & technology, what do twitter buddies tweet about, checking my emails, reading this or reading that, the urge to learn new things whether they’re technical things or things about life, wether we published the new episode of EgyGeeks or not, what’re the listeners’ feedbacks about the new episode & what’s happening in the world.

So I started to focus on engaging with my family & specially with my beloved one, to sit & talk with them more than before, to have more conversations about our life & future together, it’s a very good feeling when they start to know you & you know them more than before because you always sit in front of your machine with this big dual 19-inch screens or even in front of 3.5 inch smart phone’s screen,  to start talking & dealing with them, it’s great thing to do& believe me the world & twitter will stay the same nobody is going to change it for one day.

I’m sure you’ll miss your geeky mood & the world you live when you’re in this mood but believe me one day away from this world & focusing on other important things, after one day away you’ll back more productive, motivated, full of power & energy & relaxed.