DjangoCon Europe 2016, me, and Django Sprints

Posted on Wed 07 September 2016 in Community Read in 3 min.

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Late in 2014 I decided to shift my development stack from Microsoft .NET Framework to Django/Python stack. It's been almost 2 years now and I'm really enjoying and learning many things. I'm so happy that I've done this leap. In 2016 I had the change to attend DjangoCon Europe 2016 at Budapest, Hungry. I enjoyed it to the maximum, it's my first time to meet the community, and it's first time attending one of Django community events.

Django Community

When I started to learn Django, I found everyone is recommending Django documentation itself as start, from my past experience in .NET framework that its documentation is not enough to get your head around the framework, you need at least to read one book or watch one video course, but after reading Django official documentation, I was shocked that it's enough as start, it's enough for your daily tasks, it's enough to dive in Django framework, or fixing issues. The quality of Django official documentation is amazing.

When I went to DjangoCon Europe 2016 I saw people reflecting the philosophy of Django framework, the community is so welcoming as Django documentation, I had the chance to meet Russell Keith-Magee and Tom Christie personally, I asked them humble questions and they were so friendly and welcoming, and they give me solid answers for my questions.

Russell Keith-Magee

Tom Christie

Thanks Russell and Tom 😊

DjangoCon Europe 2016

The conference was amazing and it was one of my best experience, it's good to be with genius and geeks under on roof, and we have the chance to talk and know them,

sprints hall

Again I had the chance to met Erik Romijn and ask him about Why I got mood changes? and Why someday I feel I'm unstoppable, genius, and ninja and other day I feel down and disappointed? and he gave me nice solution which is make a list of positive things you have done and every time you feel down open it and check your achievements.

Thanks Erik 😊

During speaking sessions I learnt many things about Django and its community, and during the sprints and I had the chance to work on Django project itself and after one month from the DjangoCon 2016 my pull request merged 💪🏻

Django Project Achievement

after this big achievements I felt I can contribute to open source projects, and yes another achievement unlocked.

OSS Contribution

I want to thank DjangoCon Europe 2016 team for their effort and made this one of the best life experience. 😊 😊 😊

My Goals after DjangoCon Europe 2016

The sky is the limit, so I'm dreaming to contribute more to open source project, write more about technologies, and speak in conference, and I'm confident that I'll do one day and it's soon.