DotPen review

Posted on Mon 28 December 2015 in Review Read in 2 min.

I bought an iPad Mini 2 to write paper-less/eletronic notes instead of having notebook and a pen always inside my pockets, I blogged about it before, but I upgraded my stylus from Moshi Stanza Duo to DotPen, and I want to share my experince with you.

My Experience


If you want a stylus that is perfect for hand writing, buy DotPen.

dotpen I'm using DotPen now for two month, and I'm so happy about it, it feel like writing on paper but instead I'm writing on my iPad mini 2, and best part that it can support any note taking app, I'm using it with GoodNotes and Penultimate and it's perfectly working with them. Here is comparison between my handwriting on paper and on iPad using dotPen. paper-less Note

Some Features

  • It's not bluetooth stylus which can sync with apps to enable plam rejection feature, so that why I recommned using it with Goodnotes becasue of the writing panel.
  • It has On/Off button which I found it's taking it really off, my iPad mini 2 can't recognize its tip if it's off.
  • It take AAA battery which can run it for 2 weeks at least, you won't change the battery too often because it doesn't have bluetooth which it'll not consume the battery.

Other Stylus I tried

I tried Adonit Jot Touch and I didn't find it as good as DotPen in writing, and my old Moshi Stanza Duo wasn't good for hand writing, and I found my self switching back to paper & pen again and again, but after using DotPen I stopped using paper and pen.