Easy Taxi app review

Posted on Thu 18 September 2014 in Review Read in 2 min.

I was having my annual vacation in Egypt, and I had the chance to download Easy Taxi application on my mobile phone, I have downloaded and installed the application on my mobile phone “Nokia Lumia 920”, I created an account and started use the application. I'll share my experience with you.

My experience:

I was at Abbasia Street and want to go to Al Shams Sporting Club, I opened the application and it detected my location:


Then I request a taxi, application will ask about my destination and more information about my location, and when I submitted the request, it send a request and wait for a driver to accept the request.




The application showed driver's contact and car information, and his current location, so that I can call him and keep tracking his position.


Then when the taxi arrived application notified me




  1. Request Taxi without any human interaction, maybe there will be phone calls.
  2. Share Taxi’s car information, so you have a log and can ride this taxi safely.
  3. Share Taxi’s contact information, so you can call him whenever you want.
  4. Share your location, so no need to tell the driver where you are.
  5. Real time current taxi location.


  1. No demo or video to give a brief information on how it works, till second time I didn’t figure out how to use it.
  2. Lack of technology from driver side, many times drivers called me to know my location and they have it on their mobile screen.
  3. Lack of basics from driver side, many times drivers accepted my request and they were to far from my location or they drove far from my location.