EgyGeeks Podcast: Episode no.1

Posted on Tue 16 November 2010 in Community Read in 1 min.


Last Saturday, @AmrEldib, @RamyMahrous, & myself, recoded the first episode of @EgyGeeks podcast, the first Egyptian podcast, it was a fantastic experience that made my mind to become a podcaster, I enjoyed the recoding, specially with Amr & Ramy the funny geeks, & sure I miss the other @EgyGeeks (@Meligy, @DohaElSayed, & @MohamedGamal), I wish they will be in the next episode.

The first episode we talked about the new Windows Phone 7, & small comparison between Windows Phone 7, Android, & iOS4/iPhone, & How is working with the new platforms like Facebook, & Twitter.

Here’s the link for the podcast

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