Fictions for Developers

Posted on Thu 13 November 2014 in Developer Read in 2 min.


Tim Ferriss recommended in his 4-Hours Workweek book to read fiction books before sleep and this will help you disconnected from the real world and jump in book world which lead to better sleep.

Last Monday I went to watch the Interstellar movie with my wife and it was like reading fiction book before sleep, the movie is 3 hours long which is unique nowadays and full of science and psychics, but the story is full of fiction and the soundtracks are incredible. After we finished the movie I looked at my watch and WOW 3 hours passed and I felt like I was inside the movie and flying in the space, the time passed by and all my inner thoughts, to do lists, project plans, pending households, and life events are vanished and I’m totally inside the movie, in other words I’m totally disconnected from the real world. I felt fresh even though that it’s 12:00 AM and I have a work to go in the morning, but I felt fresh and my mind is clear and this give me chance to start my day so fresh, plus now I want to read more about space, black holes, wormholes, and singularity.

Will this help developers?

Yes, developers mind is full of thoughts and ideas like, How am going to implement this feature? How can I fix this bug? I want to learn this language or technology, etc.. It’s nature of our career, we are thinkers and smart people, and you always ALWAYS will find developer mind full of thoughts.