Free Bug Tracking Database

Posted on Fri 31 December 2010 in Tools Read in 2 min.

Today I was looking for free bug tracking database & found a lot some of them are open source, so I’ll share them with you geeks.


o BugTracker.NET is a free, open-source, web-based bug tracker or customer support issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server (or its free cousin, SQL Server Express). It is in daily use by thousands of development and customer support teams around the world.

2. BugNET

o BugNET is an issue tracking and project issue management solution built using the ASP.NET web application framework. Email notifications, reporting and per project configuration of fields and values allows efficient management of bugs, feature requests, and other issues for projects of any scale.

  1. Web Based Bug Tracker

o Web Bug Tracking software allows you to track, manage bugs and features so that you can organize your bugs, defects or issue during all stages of software development. Bug Tracker makes your project development more efficient by tracking bugs.

  1. Windows Based Bug Tracker

o This tool lets you know how many bugs are in process, how many are resolved and how many are closed. It records bug report in database and allows simultaneous access by different users. Bug Tracker also offers bug classification, auto and manual task assignment, sorting, fully customizable filter, attachment, flexible right control, auto login and more. Bug Tracker also supports task functionality, through which you can add tasks and assign tasks to your team members.


o Bugzilla is a server software designed to help you manage software development.

If you’re using any other bug database or if you’re using one of these, please share your experience with us. You also can ping me on Twitter @EmadMokhtar or leave a comment.