Interesting paragraph in 7-Habits of Highly Effective People

Posted on Sun 02 May 2010 in Geeks Read in 2 min.


Yesterday when I was reading 7 Habits of high Effective People, I read extremely interesting paragraph in habit no 2 "Begin with the end in mind" which talk about work-centered people

The paragraph:

Work-centered people may become "workaholics" driving themselves to produce at the sacrifice of health, relationships, and other important areas of their live. Their fundamental identity comes from their work-"I'm a doctor", "I'm a writer", "I'm an actor". Because their identity and sense of self-worth are wrapped up in their work, their security is vulnerable to anything that happens to prevent them from continuing in it. Their wisdom and power come In the limited areas of their work, rendering them ineffective in other areas of life.

My opinion:

I think he's right most of us "Geeks" can be categorized in this kind of people. How many of us work at night? Who doesn't work in the weekend? Who doesn't spend most of his time with machine whatever PC, Mac, Notebook, Workstation, Server, etc.?

In other hand if you look and examine the life of the most effective Geeks in our community, you'll see they spend more time with their family and friend who can be not a geeky person why not?, they schedule their time to work in the early morning, organize their tasks, they eat, sleep, and do some sports to take care of their health.

This paragraph change my paradigm of working and been a workaholic and ignore important things of my life, actually this book is changing my life to the better way, It's the most self help/self development book I ever read.