Jump from dasBlog to Wordpress

Posted on Wed 09 November 2011 in Developer Read in 2 min.

Dasblog logo VS. Wordpress logo

In my start into blogging I start to blog on wordpress.com from hosting blog, I like it but after blogging many posts I found it has many limitations, so I decided to get self hosted blog engine, I searched for many blog engines and I inspired withScott Hanselman's blog and downloaded dasBlog engine, hosted it locally, and start the journey of customizing and configuration, I wasn't as easy as it sounds, you must get your hand dirty with CSS, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and XML configuration files, but after 2 weeks I got it up and working. After a while I realized I want more fixable blog engine, start searching and found Wordpress my old engine but the self hosted one is the most common blog used on the internet, even my buddy Mohammed Meligy once a while decided to use wordpress as his blog engine. Decision has been made and it's time to buy PHP hosting instead of .NET one and install Wordpress; it took me 4\~5 days to complete this setup but if you subtract the 2 days I spent in searching for the suitable theme, the total is 2\~3 days to step my wordpress blog, so what did I do in this setup?

  • Buy hosting plan
  • Install & configure Wordpress
  • Install & configure theme
  • Migrate old posts
  • Upload old media
  • Install & configure plug-ins
  • Configure FeedBurner & Google Analytics

After all I'm so happy with Wordpress, I'll keep my blog in here and will never change my engine again to apply this rule of Scott Hanselamn's 32 rules to make your blog suckless:

Avoid Split Brain -  Pick a Blog and Stay There

  • Avoid maintaining two blogs. It's just as tacky, if not more so, as having 5 phone numbers on your business card. It makes it hard to find you, and your two blogs will always be fighting each other on Google, splitting your virtual  personality.