Microsoft Windows Phone Just DO It.

Posted on Mon 11 November 2013 in Geek Read in 3 min.

In the beginning of 2013 my HTC Desire HD screen broke and I had to buy new phone, I did my investigation and found Nokia Lumia 920 is the best one for me, I bought it with the risk of Microsoft Windows Phone is not mature enough and it has apps less than Android and iOS. I tool the same risk when I bought HTC Desire HD, Android wasn’t mature enough and has apps less than iOS, but Google was super fast to develop its mobile OS and take big leap in mobile market and attract developers to its platform.

Microsoft Windows Phone has many missing features and these features include simple basic feature “I’ll mention them later” but if Microsoft Windows Phone didn’t accelerate its development and listen to its customer, it’ll lose them and it’ll lose the tiny market share it has. Many apps are missing in Microsoft Windows Phone and I don’t know why companies aren’t developing their apps for Microsoft Windows Phone, for example instagram they didn’t develop its app but “ONE” developer developed an app called 6tag which is better than instagram app on Android and iOS, and after that they announced Windows Phone instagram will be released which I’ll not use, then instegram was able to develop its app on Windows Phone from the beginning so why is so late?

One day when I’m Googling “Yes goolging not bing” I discovered Microsoft Windows Phone has User Voice page which is full of missing feature I want, finally I’m not alone most of Microsoft Windows Phone missing the same features, Why Microsoft is not listing to us, we are users and we have missing features in common.


Ironic reply from the admin of User Voice page makes me feel they don’t respect our voice, BTW this feature implemented in GDR3 update but still I don’t like the reply.

What I am missing?

  1. Device vibrate while ringing:

    • now it’ll vibe for 5 seconds and play the ringtone, after the ringtone is done it’ll vibe for 5 seconds again and play the ringtone, and keep doing that.

    vibrate and ring

  2. Notifications Center:

    • Google invented this feature in Android and Apple understood how much this is a great and needy feature and they implemented it too, but unfortunately Microsoft didn’t.


  3. Custom sound for email, SMS, etc.:

    • now you can only select built-in sounds for those and no application notification sound settings.


  4. File Manager:

    • Yes iOS don’t have this feature but Android has and it’s great one.

    File Manager

  5. Close an app from multi-tasking:

    • if you hold the back button multi-tasking will appears and if you want to close on of these apps you can’t.

    close multi task

  6. Note: This feature implemented in GDR3 update.

  7. multi-sound level settings:

    • If you’re listening to music or watching a video and you decrease the sound volume, you will find that ringtone volume is decreased as well, this can lead to missing called and I did before.

    Sound Volume

If you have Microsoft Windows Phone device and you’re missing features visit their User Voice page and you’ll find you’re not alone.