My Experience with Fitbit Customer Service

Posted on Wed 06 January 2016 in Review Read in 3 min.


The start

I received Fitbit Flex as my birthday gift from my wife and I joined Fitbit community since 2013, I love the device and I love the sleep tracking feature, and with this feature now I can know why I'm feeling sleepy by data.

First Issue

Less than one year of using my Fitbit Flex, it started to not charging, and vibrating for alarms and feedback, so I created a support issue on Fibit support portal, and the quick answer was, Oh we are sorry please give us an address so we can send you another one. I got shocked, this reminded me of Amazon Customer Service quality. fitbit support 01

Second Issue

After receiving the second Fitbit Flex, I used it for while and the wristband got damaged, I created a support issue again, they request a confirmation that my band is damaged, I replied with images, and boom the same response "Oh we are sorry please give us an address so we can send you another one". Fitbit Support 02

Third Issue

My replacement Fitbit Flex got damaged also and again I created support issue, and this time they were more awesome than before, they sent me a replacement though my warranty is expired, Can you believe it? Fitbit Support 03

Searching for another tracker

After my Fitbit Flex got broken for the third time, I thought I'll buy new tracker and it won't be Fitbit Flex (There is an issue with the tracker that can't stand for 1 year) so I compared Apple Watch, Peddle Time Watch, Fitbit Surge, and Fitbit Charge HR. Apple Watch and Peddle Time are watches with activity tracking, and Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR are activity trackers with watch faces.

Apple Watch

s38si-sbbl-sel_GEO_US Apple Watch has its own Heath app and tracking your activity and with thrid party you can sync these data to your Fitbit account, but for me Apple Watch is expensive and fancy, so No.

Peddle Time

0_480_640_0_70__News_pebble-health After I made my mind and orderd my new tracker they implement activity tracking inside Peddle Time Watch but for me I love Fitbit community and I have friends more there, so No.

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit-Surge It's very nice tracker but with its size I can't take it with me to bed and this is one of the main feature I bought Fitbit Flex for, so sorry buy No.

Fitbit Charge HR

e16f2610-4ebc-486c-9b3b-37a51b5612e6._V330045372__SR285,285_ Yes, I order Fitbit Charge HR because it has all what I want:

  1. Watch Face.
  2. Automatic Sleep Tracking.
  3. Comfortable Size.
  4. Fitbit community.
  5. The Awesome Fitbit customer service.
  6. Log battery life.
  7. Heart beat tracking.

In Nut Shell

In nutshell I adore Fitbit customer service and with this quality of service I decide not to leave them and give a try for Fitbit Charge HR, and till now I love it. Wait for my review about it soon.