My journey from paper note to paperless note

Posted on Sun 13 December 2015 in Developer Read in 1 min.

paperless note on iPad

I really love to take notes wherever and wheneve. I like to keep my notes with me, but after buying iPad mini I decide to change my note tool from paper notes to paperless notes (e-notes), but I like to hand writing my notes I want something that feels like paper notes.

Searching for the tool

I thought of buying a stylus for iPad that feels like real pen and start taking notes, first I found fiftythree Pencil but it was built mainly for designers not for writing, then I found The best stylus for me is the Jot Script but it is expensive but it has the best writing experience and best accuracy. This is for the stylus, for the application I searched about note application that can enhance my writing accuracy, I found two note apps:

  • Penultimate Evernote

    • Free

    • Sync with Evernote

    • Zoom in and write with line recognition

  • Goodnotes

    • Paid (but worth every penny)

    • Backup with most of cloud storages like Google Driver, Dropbox, & OneDrive.

    • Pen size & color customization.

    • Palm rest and palm rejection.

    • Add annotations to PDF files.

    • Writing panel.

    • Shape recognition.

My final tools

Device: iPad mini with retina display.
Note App: Goodnotes.
Stylus: Moshi Stanza Duo

moshi stanzaa duo