Ma3ana Kam

Financial system which is dividing the monthly budget into a weekly budget, most of us make budget on monthly basis because we get paid on monthly basis, but imagine your budget will be on weekly basis, it’s like every week is new budget and new start, and in order to keep track of the weekly budget you need to know how much you need to spend in a week.

Technology/Tools used:

  1. Bitbucket.

  2. Django/Python.

  3. PythonAnywhere.
  4. Twitter Bootstrap.
  5. JetBrain PyCharm.
  6. MySQL.


New version of FileField that compatible with Orchard 1.8, this plug-in is give the administrator to add a upload/attach file to Custom Form.

I’ve updated the old version to be compatible with Orchard 1.8 and add more features.


  1. Set accepted file extensions.
  2. Set maximum file size.
  3. Set file name tag (Time Stamp, or Index).

You can find it on GitHub and Orchard Gallery as well.

Technology/Tools used:

  1. GitHub.
  2. Orchard.
  3. Nuget.

ASP.NET WebForms Notification Control

ASP.NET WebForms Notification Control is a free open source ASP.NET Control that display notification to the user and developer can use it from code behind and no need to write JavaScript or front-end code to use it, only drag the control to the ASP.NET page and with one line of code display a notification for the user.


  1. It has 3 types of notifications:
    1. Info (Green).
    2. Warning (Yellow).
    3. Error (Red).
  2. It has 2 types of display:
    1. Auto hide after certain time.
    2. Sticky and can be hide by clicking on "x" button at the upper right corner.
  3. It works with UpdatePanel (Partial Postbacks).
  4. It works without UpdatePanel (Full Postbacks).
  5. All resources injected to ASP.NET WebForm using WebResources.
  6. It can use its embded jQuery or project's jQuery.

Technology/Tools used:

  1. jQuery.
  2. Visual Studio.
  3. ASP.NET WebForms Server Control.
  4. Nuget.
  5. Azure websites (for demo website).

You can find it on GitHub and for demo please visit this link.

Cosmic International Website


A company website that have company profile and product catalog, and
company e-commerce web application where customer can order company products online.

Technology/Tools used:

  1. ASP.NET WebForms.
  2. Twitter Bootstrap.
  3. PetaPoco Micro-ORM.
  4. OpenCart open source e-commerce.

Web TimeTel


Time attendance web application built using ASP.NET WebForms with rich
user experiences looks like Windows Modern UI “Metro UI”, bilingual, and easy to use.

Technology/Tools used:

  1. ASP.NET WebForms.
  2. Entity Framework.
  3. Metro UI CSS.
  4. Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX.
  5. SQL Server Reporting Services “SSRS”.