Emad Mokhtar Habib

Software Engineer

Personal data

Name Emad Mokhtar Habib
DOB 22nd August 1986
Linkedin EmadMokhtar
Skype emad.mokhtar.habib
Email emad@emadmokhtar.com
Blog emadmokhtar.com
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Programming Languages
Programming Tools
Database Engines
Python, Javascript, C#
Django, Django REST Framework, jQuery, ASP.NET
PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, Git, Github, Gitlab
PostgreSQL, Apache Druid, MongoDB, SQLite
Apache Kafka, Apache Airflow, Celery, RabbitMQ, NGNIX, CodeShip, Redis

Work experience

MobPro B.V. Backend Developer September 2019 - Present
  • Work with distributed systems and manage the performance of the platform components.
  • Leads the development team to improve our team chemistry and the quality of work.
  • Code review or functional test the team mates Pull requests.
  • Write and review design document to plan for a new feature before developing it.
  • Maintain data pipe-line using Apache stack (Airflow, Hadoop, Spark, Druid, Kafka, & Ambari)
  • Embrace the documentation in the team. If you don't document it, it is not done.
Veneficus B.V. Software Developer September 2017 - September 2019
  • Develop Web Application & REST APIs using Python & Django framework.
  • Produce specifications and plan of action before start coding the feature.
  • Code review or functional test the team mates Merge requests.
  • Write unit test with every Merge request to maintain code quality.
  • Plan the tickets we will work in the sprint meeting.
  • Document and maintain software functionality.
MOTIVA Software Developer November 2014 - September 2017
  • Develop Web Application & REST APIs using Python and Django framework.
  • Write unit test to maintain the code and application quality.
  • Planned the required development work and give plan to the project manager or product manager.
  • Constantly improving/enhancing the existing code.
  • Setup Continuous Integration on CodeShip to automate code tests
  • Setup Continuous Delivery on CodeShip & DeployBot to automate apps deployments.
  • Prepared technical assessments for team candidates.
Arabesque Group Solution Specialist January 2013 - November 2014
  • Designed and developed .NET based software using C# and MSSQL.
  • Reported status and progress to Product Manager and/or Project Manager.
  • Planned the required development work in collaboration with Product and/or Project Manager.
  • Translated design specifications in high-quality technical specifications.
  • Created and delivered data-driven reports.
  • Checked test results and fixing technical problems/bugs.
  • Deployed full version and carrying out final checks before going live.
  • Maintained and supported systems once they are up and running.
CRUX I.T. Software Developer November 2010 - January 2013
  • Design and implementation of .NET based software using C#, VB.net and MSSQL.
  • Communicate and document project statuses to management.
  • End user training and technical assistance.
  • System installation and maintenance.
  • Wrote code for development, maintenance, and functionality updates.
  • Ensure the application is properly tested before rolling out into live environment.
  • Create and deliver data-driven reports.
  • Investigate and develop skills in new technologies.


Sage + Archer

It is a web platform built using Django, It is empowering the users to manage their advertising campaigns. The platform is automating the advertising workflow using the programmatic advertising technologies and integrate with many Supply Side Platform (SSP) like Google and AppNexus. This platform is acts as Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Amazon Alexa skill for Quran Tafseer

Amazon Alex skill that consume Quran Tafseer API to provide Quran Tafseer to user on Amazon Alexa devices.

Quran Tafseer API - [Github Repo]

A free and open source RESTfull API to provide multi-language Quran tafseer for developers, I wrote a blog post about it.


Django application that is used in Veneficus to run data analysis models with customers data, run work flows, visualize the data after the modeling and algorithms, run custom script as a step of the flow, managing users access and permissions, build surveys, and apply customer themes.

GIANTS Gaming Lounge

Django application for GIANTS gaming lounge to help them manage customer profiles and customers can create gaming profile anywhere anytime, in other words customers will register online and just go to play in GIANTS. The application is integrating with Smartlaunch with its REST APIs in order to create/update customer profiles, show free computers in each branch in real-time.

Ma3ana Kam

Financial system which is dividing the monthly budget into a weekly budget, most of us make budget on monthly basis because we get paid on monthly basis, but imagine your budget will be on weekly basis, it’s like every week is new budget and new start, and in order to keep track of the weekly budget you need to know how much you need to spend in a week.

Creative Job Costing

It is Django application to manage our customers' creative jobs & our resources, with this application in hands managers can know exactly hours spent & cost of ever job.


New version of FileField that compatible with Orchard 1.8, this plug-in is give the administrator to add an upload/attach file to Custom Form. I’ve updated the old version to be compatible with Orchard 1.8 and add more features.


It is Django application to manage ISP’s customer relations and keep tracking of the service jobs, it is easy to use and minimalist app and help the user to focus on the main information.

ASP.NET WebForms Notification Control

ASP.NET WebForms Notification Control is a free open source ASP.NET Control that display notification to the user and developer can use it from code behind and no need to write JavaScript or front-end code to use it, only drag the control to the ASP.NET page and with one line of code display a notification for the user.

Cosmic International Website

A company website that have company profile and product catalog, and company e-commerce web application where customer can order company products online.

Web TimeTel

Time attendance web application built using ASP.NET WebForms with rich user experiences looks like Windows Modern UI “Metro UI”, bilingual, and easy to use.


Modern Academy: Bachelor of Computer Science -  Honor Excellence

MongoDB University: M101P: MongoDB for Developers

Udacity: How to Use Git and GitHub