Run rabbit run

Posted on Thu 16 October 2014 in Developer Read in 1 min.


Run rabbit run,  dig that hole forget the sun,  and when at last the work is done, don't sit down it's time to dig another one. #PinkFloyd

We keep running in the same freakin loop/circle & forget pursuiting/catch our dreams and goals, and just stick to little small useless life events.

Sometimes we invent things to take them as excuses like money, time, children, place, or company. Manage yourself and take guidance from Allah, fix your issues aka & "excuses" , have a dream no no have a lot of dreams and live your life to catch the and make them true.

Ask yourself every morning, Am I like what I'm doing? If no please quit it and go live your life and search about what you are like to do and start living it, one day shorter breathe and here come the death