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Posted on Mon 10 July 2017 in Community Read in 3 min.

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Felix Russell-Saw

One day I realized that Microsoft technologies are not for what I'm looking for. what I'm looking for is working in startup that developing its own product like Instagram, Shopify, or Pinterest. So I've done some research and I found that Microsoft technologies are not made for this purpose, Microsoft technologies made for enterprises, I worked with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft SharePoint, ASP.NET WebForms, and ASP.NET Web Services you won't find a startup work with these or built their business around these kind of products, so I start to research for another technology to use.

After long time of research and Q&A with my friend Burhan, I switched to Python, I didn't pick Node.js or Ruby on Rails, because I don't like to pick a new shinny tool/framework for sake of it's new, I picked Python and Django one of it's web framework. I found during my research many people recommended Node.js because it's the new thing, again I don't like to pick the new shinny tool, this is common between developer community, developer will be proud if someone ask Which language/framework are you using? and the developer answer is the new shinny MV- JavaScript framework or Z lang the best programming language on planet.

After I picked Python and Django I found Caktus Group posted nice blog post with Django is Boring, or Why Tech Startups (Should) Use Django title, please read the post and I'll tell you again why I picked Python and I'm loving it.

I picked and loving Python/Django and I'll tell you why

  1. Community: Python community are very welcoming for anyone from any level for anywhere.
  2. Documentation: Python docs and Django docs are enough to get start or to be expert. They are taking care of details and issues.
  3. Mature: Python and Django are mature language and framework, they already faced many issues and it's fixed or implemented.
  4. Packages: Python packages and Django apps are great way to implement or fill missing thing in the language or framework, you will find more than one package/app to use and you'll start to pick one based on your requirements. For example if you want to build simple web app or web api, you can pick Flask instead of Django and you are good to go.

So my advise is to pick what will be the best for you based on your requirements and needs. My needs are learning new language that will give me a way to build products and it has a strong community around it, because when you will face an obstacle or an issue, community will help you to pass or fix it.

Note: I'm not writing this to say Node.js or RoR are bad or don't pick them. No, when I was searching for new language, I found Python and Django are the best language and framework that fill my needs, maybe now Node.js is the best based on your needs, maybe RoR, maybe anther language or framework, I don't know you need to do some research and pick one by yourself, but please don't pick thing because it's a new shinny tool, and it's the new Lamborghini, and if you don't know what to pick, please take Python and you won't regret it 😉.