Solo Developer

Posted on Wed 08 July 2015 in Developer Read in 2 min.

Developers and coders are known as anti-social but after many years in development field, I can tell you this is totally wrong and developers who can communicate well are good developers they can learn and understand what they are really doing, if you read soft skills books for developers, sure you will find chapter about communications and How to be a part of software development team, but if you can’t communicate with your teammate you’ll always work lonely and gain nothing more than loneliness and coding in the dark.

Since I joined the software industry 4+ years, and I’m working, coding, and developing alone, I read about pair programming in XP “eXtreme Programming” and daily standup meetings in SCRUM, and How it can increase the quality and productivity of teams, but I didn’t experience those, I never pair programming and never being in one of Agile methodologies, but I’m trying to think with someone else not in the same team and not a developer, but it worth trying because it’s really amazing, you’ll feel like you have two extra minds, yes as you read it, it is like 1 + 1 = 3.

If you watched House M.D. series you will know that Dr. House always need his team to think with him even if they are away from the right answer but being there to start a brainstorming and with one simple unintended input from the team Dr. House can find the solution.

House MD

So I decided that stop working alone and my next gig will be within a development team.

And What about you? Do you feel you need to work with a team? Do you like your team? Or Do you love doing it alone?