How do I learn?

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abraham lincoln qoute

I’ve got many questions from young developers who want to learn programming and be professionals, I thought of writing this article to give them a glance about how I learn software stuff. I want to tell you I’m still learning and I’ll always pursuit knowledge and being professional software craftsman, and you should consider the same, believe me if you stop learning, you’ll become outdated in this field, and you’ll suck, I met developers with big fat years of experience but they are outdated since 5 years and they can’t go with new technologies anymore, ask any doctor or lawyer and he’ll tell you this craft is about leaning and learning and gaining knowledge.

Learning development is separated into two parts:

  1. Dealing with human.
  2. Dealing with computer.

Dealing with human

Dealing with human like dealing with client, don’t tell me I just want to code dude, no sometime if not all of the time you have to deal with the clients, think of it as you have your own company you’re entrepreneur now, Do you want to write code only? or you want to create success product by gathering the right …

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The good, the bad, and the ugly developers

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Intresting tweet

I saw very interesting tweet from Glenn Block @gblock and this remind me with something I read in The Clean Coder book from Uncle Bob Martin, which talks about professional developer and what to do to be a professional. Uncle Bob describe the professional developer takes the responsibility of his mistakes, it’s true because if he take this responsibility, he’ll learn from his mistakes and learn how he made it in first place, so he can avoid it next time, even if he make this mistake again he knows how to solve it quick and clean.

Personally I learn like this and it’s teach you the lesson very well.

Dear readers please give me your feedback/opinion about this subject.

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