Django is boring but you can contribute

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I attended Django Under The Hood 2016, in sprints there is a comment passing around which Django is boring. Django is boring is actually a good news for the framework users, but it's sad one for developers want to contribute to the framework.

Every time I go to check Django tickets to contribute, I found they are difficult and in depth, because Django is a mature project now and the amount of contribution needed to the codebase is rare, but if you want to contribute you can check easy pickings tickets. In DUTH before the sprints projects leaders start to ask attendees for contributions, I found this is a good opportunity for me and for anyone wants to help the community and start to contribute to Django community.

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If you want to contribute to Django and help the community, I have some suggestions for you:

  1. Write blog posts on How-tos, tips, and tutorials for Django, and Django packages for example Django REST Framework.
  2. Help Django team to move the ticket from stage to another.
  3. Contribute to one of Django’s packages, specially packages you are using, check their github page and help them.
  4. Tried more than one package for X …
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DjangoCon Europe 2016, me, and Django Sprints

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Late in 2014 I decided to shift my development stack from Microsoft .NET Framework to Django/Python stack. It's been almost 2 years now and I'm really enjoying and learning many things. I'm so happy that I've done this leap. In 2016 I had the change to attend DjangoCon Europe 2016 at Budapest, Hungry. I enjoyed it to the maximum, it's my first time to meet the community, and it's first time attending one of Django community events.

Django Community

When I started to learn Django, I found everyone is recommending Django documentation itself as start, from my past experience in .NET framework that its documentation is not enough to get your head around the framework, you need at least to read one book or watch one video course, but after reading Django official documentation, I was shocked that it's enough as start, it's enough for your daily tasks, it's enough to dive in Django framework, or fixing issues. The quality of Django official documentation is amazing.

When I went to DjangoCon Europe 2016 I saw people reflecting the philosophy of Django framework, the community is so welcoming as Django documentation, I had the chance to meet Russell Keith-Magee and …

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