.NET Developer Comfort Zone

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I’m a .NET developer and to be specific I’m a web developer who use .NET framework and .NET stack to create web application (Web App), and nowadays I’m learning ASP.NET MVC to move from WebForms world to MVC world, but in future I’m planning to get out of my comfort zone again and get out of .NET world and try the open source software (OSS) world, I’ve attended many sessions for GDG Kuwait which is Google Developers Group located in Kuwait and the only developer group in here with .NET/C# experience and it’s full of enthusiasm developers.

When I will take this leap/paradigm shift I will take it for real, let me explain what I mean by that. What I’m planning is learning Ruby on Rails, maybe you want to learn Django or Node.js but when you will, please don’t try to stick to Microsoft world, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, please don’t use Node.js tools for Visual Studio, or Python tools for Visual Studio, or Ruby In Steel Developer these Frameworks works great with Linux operating systems so learn …

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To Google Or Not To Google?

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To Google or not to Google? this is not even a question, Scott Hanselman wrote an article about Googler Developers or search engine developer I found it very interesting because he’s talking about developers whom using Google to search for a solution and copy and paste it. Irony some developers aren’t able to Google the solution as well, I always believe that understand what is the problem is its half solution.

“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.”

― Albert Einstein

Then understand what is the problem is a skill that some developers missing it, even Oren Eini wrote about some developers in interview have full internet access and can’t even solve their problems.

AM I Googler Developer or not?

Sure I am, I Google about the solution online, actually most if not all of my technical resources are online Google, Stack Overflow, GitHub, MSDN, online documentations, my blog, other developers blogs, etc.., but what I’m doing is not just search for a code to copy and paste it in order get things done, absolutely not I’m search for a …

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Communication with your customer

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people sleeping on the floor at airport

Today I was having a flight from Egypt, Cairo International Airport to Kuwait International Airport and when the airplane was almost reach Kuwait the pilot keep flying in circles and never enter the Kuwaiti boards and fly to the Arabian Gulf for 15 minutes we are wondering Why is he flying in all direction but not the one to Kuwait?

This situation give me a sight for How your customer will feel when you haven’t or stop giving him/her information about the software. s/he’ll keep wondering what is he doing to my product? Is it done? Is it won’t be done?  and sometimes his/her mind will go to the opposite direction of what you are doing.

Finally we found that there is a sandstorm at Kuwait International Airport and the visibility is zero and we can’t land, so we changed our direction to Dubai Airport to land there and what for the sandstorm to stop so we can get back. None of us thing in this.

The part above I wrote while I’m sitting on floor beside the power socket to charge my laptop s I can write these thoughts and here …

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