Advice to Junior Developers

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One day I answered What is the best advice you can give to a junior programmer? question on I was shocked that my answer got many upvotes, so I thought to share my answer to this question on my blog.

First, let me acknowledge you that my answers are just my experience, what I missed during my career as software developer, and I wished someone told me this advice.

  1. Be humble be foolish be patient, you have a long journey of learning, so keep learning. Technologies are changing so fast, so fast that you can't master everything, but you need to read about everything in software development, read blogs, news, etc. Invest your learning time in what you'll be master in.

  2. Don’t be afraid to fail. Making mistakes is a part of the learning, so please don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from them. Even great software developers got fired, made mistakes, and they feel down, but what makes them great that they get up and learn from mistakes.

  3. Read about The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming You will need these commandments during your journey, They helped me in my first job with a …

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To Google Or Not To Google?

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To Google or not to Google? this is not even a question, Scott Hanselman wrote an article about Googler Developers or search engine developer I found it very interesting because he’s talking about developers whom using Google to search for a solution and copy and paste it. Irony some developers aren’t able to Google the solution as well, I always believe that understand what is the problem is its half solution.

“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.”

― Albert Einstein

Then understand what is the problem is a skill that some developers missing it, even Oren Eini wrote about some developers in interview have full internet access and can’t even solve their problems.

AM I Googler Developer or not?

Sure I am, I Google about the solution online, actually most if not all of my technical resources are online Google, Stack Overflow, GitHub, MSDN, online documentations, my blog, other developers blogs, etc.., but what I’m doing is not just search for a code to copy and paste it in order get things done, absolutely not I’m search for a …

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How do I learn?

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abraham lincoln qoute

I’ve got many questions from young developers who want to learn programming and be professionals, I thought of writing this article to give them a glance about how I learn software stuff. I want to tell you I’m still learning and I’ll always pursuit knowledge and being professional software craftsman, and you should consider the same, believe me if you stop learning, you’ll become outdated in this field, and you’ll suck, I met developers with big fat years of experience but they are outdated since 5 years and they can’t go with new technologies anymore, ask any doctor or lawyer and he’ll tell you this craft is about leaning and learning and gaining knowledge.

Learning development is separated into two parts:

  1. Dealing with human.
  2. Dealing with computer.

Dealing with human

Dealing with human like dealing with client, don’t tell me I just want to code dude, no sometime if not all of the time you have to deal with the clients, think of it as you have your own company you’re entrepreneur now, Do you want to write code only? or you want to create success product by gathering the right …

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Code Kata: Fizz Buzz Game

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I stared to practice recently after reading more about how practicing is important for programmer to become professional and one way of practicing is Coding Kata. I found a lot of problem to implement to practice and perform coding kata.

This post I'll talk about Fizz Buzz Game a.k.a. Bizz Buzz Game, it's numerical/math game, if the number is divisible by 3 replace it with fizz, or if number divisible by 5 replace it with buzz, or if number is divisible by 3 and 5 replace it with fizzbuzz. For example if we count from 1 to 20 it'll be like this: 1, 2, fizz, 4, buzz, fizz, 7, 8, fizz, buzz, 11, fizz, 13, 14, fizzbuzz, 16, 17, fizz, 19, buzz.

So how to code this game:

First I thought I can solve this game by:

If (this number is divisible by 3 and not divisible by 5)  return fizz

else if (this number is not divisible by 3 and divisible by 5)  return buzz

else if (this number is divisible by 3 and divisible by 5)  return buzzfizz

else if(this number is not divisible by 3 and not divisible by 5)  return the number …

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Coding Kata

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Practicing Guitar

Recently I'm reading Uncle Bob's Clean Coder book and I read about how a professional programmer must always practice, like professional musicians, professional football player, and professional martial arts player. I'm learning  how to play electric guitar, you need to start slowly "slow will gain speed" start with something easy and way to go to professional level, and believe me if you stop practicing you lose your speed, but this doesn't mean professional guitarist stop learning new things and stop practicing. When I see a guitarist do something great I ask myself how, how he did it? the answer is simple he practice.

Getting a job as programmer will not make you a professional one, doing your work in regular basis won't make you a professional programmer like walking everyday won't make you a professional athletic, you must challenge yourself, learning something new, or try to solve problem with your favorite programming language. Try do practice away from working time, and practice, practice, practice, practice, and practice.

In CleanCoder's Chapter 6 talking about practicing and there's a part talking about coding kata, so What is Coding Kata?


  • Kata is a Japanese word describing detailed choreographed patterns of movements …
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