Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

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Book cover

Last month I had small trip to Netherlands, Rotterdam, at night I went to have a dinner with friends at EuroMast, it was windy day, we putted our bags in my friend’s car trunk, but unfortunately someone broken inside the car and took 2 bags and one of them was my bag. My travel backpack is stolen and I lost most of my gadgets (MacBook Pro, iPad, Amazon Kindle, Wallet, etc..)

After a night at the police station to report the incident, I went to hotel to get some sleep before flying back to home, next day I woke up, prepared my bags and headed to airport, but on my way to the airport I was thinking what to do during my long flight, I thought let’s read a book, so once I reached the airport I went to bookstore and bought The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k.

So Emad, Why you are telling us these story? Because while I'm reading this book I found this part

We don't always control what happens to us. But we always control how we interpret what happens to us, as well as how er respond.

which is what …

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My Experience with Fitbit Customer Service

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The start

I received Fitbit Flex as my birthday gift from my wife and I joined Fitbit community since 2013, I love the device and I love the sleep tracking feature, and with this feature now I can know why I'm feeling sleepy by data.

First Issue

Less than one year of using my Fitbit Flex, it started to not charging, and vibrating for alarms and feedback, so I created a support issue on Fibit support portal, and the quick answer was, Oh we are sorry please give us an address so we can send you another one. I got shocked, this reminded me of Amazon Customer Service quality. fitbit support 01

Second Issue

After receiving the second Fitbit Flex, I used it for while and the wristband got damaged, I created a support issue again, they request a confirmation that my band is damaged, I replied with images, and boom the same response "Oh we are sorry please give us an address so we can send you another one". Fitbit Support 02

Third Issue

My replacement Fitbit Flex got damaged also and again I created support issue, and this time they were more awesome than before, they sent me a replacement though my warranty is …

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DotPen review

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I bought an iPad Mini 2 to write paper-less/eletronic notes instead of having notebook and a pen always inside my pockets, I blogged about it before, but I upgraded my stylus from Moshi Stanza Duo to DotPen, and I want to share my experince with you.

My Experience


If you want a stylus that is perfect for hand writing, buy DotPen.

dotpen I'm using DotPen now for two month, and I'm so happy about it, it feel like writing on paper but instead I'm writing on my iPad mini 2, and best part that it can support any note taking app, I'm using it with GoodNotes and Penultimate and it's perfectly working with them. Here is comparison between my handwriting on paper and on iPad using dotPen. paper-less Note

Some Features

  • It's not bluetooth stylus which can sync with apps to enable plam rejection feature, so that why I recommned using it with Goodnotes becasue of the writing panel.
  • It has On/Off button which I found it's taking it really off, my iPad mini 2 can't recognize its tip if it's off.
  • It take AAA battery which can run it for 2 weeks at least, you won't change the …
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Initial Review: Becoming Steve Jobs

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Becomming Steve Jobs book cover

Until now I finished 35% of Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader book, and I don’t find Steve Jobs a successful entrepreneur or even a leader. Apple's first success because of Apple I which is Steve Wozniak idea and engineered by him as well, and Pixar was succeed because of its leader not Steve Jobs, in fact Steve Jobs was the reason for projects like (Apple III, Macintosh, and NeXT workstations) to fail, and was trying to make Pixar the next failure but its leaders keep him away and done what they knew it's right for Pixar. In the nutshell Steve Jobs is bad micromanager that you shouldn't dream to be like him, for me he is a fake leader.
I’ll continue the book to see How did he turn to be the visionary leader after that :)

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Easy Taxi app review

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I was having my annual vacation in Egypt, and I had the chance to download Easy Taxi application on my mobile phone, I have downloaded and installed the application on my mobile phone “Nokia Lumia 920”, I created an account and started use the application. I'll share my experience with you.

My experience:

I was at Abbasia Street and want to go to Al Shams Sporting Club, I opened the application and it detected my location:


Then I request a taxi, application will ask about my destination and more information about my location, and when I submitted the request, it send a request and wait for a driver to accept the request.




The application showed driver's contact and car information, and his current location, so that I can call him and keep tracking his position.


Then when the taxi arrived application notified me




  1. Request Taxi without any human interaction, maybe there will be phone calls.
  2. Share Taxi’s car information, so you have a log and can ride this taxi safely.
  3. Share Taxi’s contact information, so you can call him whenever you want.
  4. Share your location, so no need to tell the driver where you are.
  5. Real …
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