My First Django App

Posted on Mon 16 March 2015 in Django • Tagged with django, python, sideprojectLeave a comment

I'm starting to use Django and Python to develop web applications, I really love Django and during my learning process I thought I can build something while learning, and I had one idea keep it on hold as side project so I decided it's time to build it.

The Idea

Me and my wife have our financial system which is dividing the monthly budget into a weekly budget, most of us make budget on monthly basis because we get paid on monthly basis, but imagine your budget will be on weekly basis, it’s like every week is new budget and new start, and in order to keep track of the weekly budget you need to know how much you need to spend in a week. To be honest in the first we made a lot of mistakes but at the end we found out how much we need to spend weekly, and this need analysis with trial and error for at least one month then you will master your weekly budgeting.

Now the idea is build a system that can keep track of your payments or expenses against your estimated budget for a week. The application name is Ma3ana …

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