Custom Client Side Validation for Parsley in Django

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Custom Validation for Parsley in Django

I wrote a post on how to add client side validation for Django Forms. In this post I’ll show you how to add custom client validation to Django Forms. I mean by custom validation is a validation that isn't available in django-parsley, like username availability, password strength, email duplication, etc.. let’s see how to add custom client side validation to Django Form.

Parsley remote validation

Parsley library has remote validation, it's calling AJAX service (Django view) and check if AJAX call returns 2xx HTTP status codes then it's valid input else it's invalid input and shows error message. Thankfully you can use remote validation in Django Form using django-parsley via parsley-extras attribute.


class UserRegistrationForm(forms.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        parsley_extras = {
            'password': {
                'remote': reverse_lazy('validate-password-parsley'),
                'remote-message': "Password is invalid"
            'username': {
                'remote': reverse_lazy('validate_username_uniqueness'),
                'remote-message': "User with this username is already exists."
            'email': {
                'remote': reverse_lazy('validate_email_uniqueness'),
                'remote-message': "User with this email is already exists."

In the code above we are adding client custom validation as remote to password, username, and email fields, Did you notice that remote key is holding a URL to Django View? let’s create a complete sample to get our head around it.

Django Password …

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