Technology U-Turn

Posted on Thu 26 April 2012 in Developer Read in 3 min.


Technology U-Turn is a terminology I invented that means when a technology leave the direction and take a new one then get back to the old one, actually I invented this term when I realized till now there are two technologies did this, I don’t know if there are more or not but nowadays these two technologies are in the top of tech news.


In the past web developers were using ClassicASP till Microsoft released ASP.NET to help Windows Forms developers to develop Web Application with the same look and feel, then create the code behind approach where you will write the server-side code instead on inline script like in Classic ASP, but PHP still using the same approach by using inline scripting. Microsoft make the U-Turn and back to inline scripting in ASP.NET MVC especially in Razor view engine. in PHP you have the full control over HTML like in ASP.NET MVC.

PHP stuck with the same direction of inline scripting and keep enhance its technology, but Microsoft change the direction to ASP.NET and guess what back again after enhance the inline scripting from ASPX view engine then Razor view engine.


In the past data was stored in files/documents without any relations and normalization, then the relational database design start to be used by wide rang of folks till now actually the most popular database design is relational database to prevent duplications, more access speed, less capacity consuming; and now the world is making the U-Turn to NoSQL approach and back to use files/documents to store data, Mega companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft is start to enhance the way of storing data in files/documents and start to use the feature provided by the Hard Drives file system, there are many of NoSQL engines released like RavenDB, Cassandra, AmazonSimpleDB, MongoDB, and CouchDB

The Question:

Why Microsoft change its direction and released ASP.NET then after many years it discovered that it didn’t apply the Web Development in the right way and it was just helping the developers to create Web Applications with event oriented design rather than MVC design which become popular especially after Ruby on Rails aka RoR (RoR was invented to get rid of repeating the same task over and over again when developing with ASP.NET) get on surface? Why’s Microsoft didn’t stick with the direction and try to develop and enhance it and that what it’s doing nowadays?

The same question to NoSQL the world, Why do we get back to document oriented database after spend years in relational databases? Why didn’t we stick with the direction and start to develop and enhance the way we are storing data inside the documents and that what NoSQL world are doing?