The fast way to change font to Bold in Visual Studio

Posted on Tue 08 October 2013 in Tools Read in 1 min.

Did you even download Visual Studio color schemes from and you want to change its style to Bold? I’ve did this hundred of times and it’s boring to do it manually by going throw even Display Item and set its style to Bold.

Visual Studio Font Settings

I found a way to do this rapidly in less than a minute. The idea comes when I opened the Visual Studio Settings file in notepad and found it’s XML file with all Visual Studio settings and there is a part for font settings with BoldFont="Yes" attribute for each item.

Settings file in notepad

Let’s see How to do it:

  1. Open Visual Studio Setting file .vssettings with Notepad.
  2. Press on Ctrl + H.
  3. Replace BoldFont="No" to BoldFont=”Yes.
  4. Save file.
  5. Import Settings to Visual Studio.

Note: if you want to set style for your existing settings please export your settings first and apply the steps mentioned above.

*I’m using Notepad2