To Google Or Not To Google?

Posted on Tue 27 August 2013 in Developer Read in 3 min.


To Google or not to Google? this is not even a question, Scott Hanselman wrote an article about Googler Developers or search engine developer I found it very interesting because he’s talking about developers whom using Google to search for a solution and copy and paste it. Irony some developers aren’t able to Google the solution as well, I always believe that understand what is the problem is its half solution.

“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.”

― Albert Einstein

Then understand what is the problem is a skill that some developers missing it, even Oren Eini wrote about some developers in interview have full internet access and can’t even solve their problems.

AM I Googler Developer or not?

Sure I am, I Google about the solution online, actually most if not all of my technical resources are online Google, Stack Overflow, GitHub, MSDN, online documentations, my blog, other developers blogs, etc.., but what I’m doing is not just search for a code to copy and paste it in order get things done, absolutely not I’m search for a solution, not any solution, no I’m searching/Goolging for the best and the simplest solution and if I can’t find it, I’ll take the best one from what I found and start to enhance or modify it to be in my opinion the best.

I wrote a blog post about How to add image zoom to ASP.NET WebForms GridView and it has few lines of code, before I got this solution I Goolged it, and found many solution which were in my opinion complex for simple task, they’ve many lines of code. So I thought of creating my best solution, after that I wrote it to give people and myself a simple solution online.

In the other hands Rick Strahl also wrote his thoughts about Scott Hanselman article, and in his article he asked one question

To put this into context, here's a good one to ask yourself: If you had a job interview tomorrow and had to answer a bunch of heavy duty technical questions without Internet access, could you do it? To be honest, I'm not so sure I could

― Rick Strahl

And for me to be honest I’m not sure I could as well.

What I can do?

Hanselman gave great points in his articles but in comments, someone wrote exactly what I was thinking  after reading the article.


When you search/Google for a solution you’ll read other’s code and this is a way or learning which learn from strength and weakness of everyone, how they wrote this code, why they wrote it like this whether it’s clean or not.

Be median

In bottom line what I think is be a median don’t always depend on Google and don’t always depend on your memory, choose what is better for your situation, even choosing is a skill, try to develop your skills don’t depend on your old ones or others.