When Old Technology/Framework Dies?

Posted on Tue 11 February 2014 in Developer Read in 2 min.


I was wondering when old framework dies? it’s matter of time or matter of usage? let’s talk first about what are things make me wonder?

Sage CRM

Last week I’ve got my hand dirty with Sage CRM and I was completely shocked when I found it’s built using Classic ASP. I had WTF moment and asked myself Is this thing still alive? WOW it’s 13 years old Why Sage? Why this very old technology? What I’m always heard about Classic ASP is crap and thank god for modern web frameworks. Is it expensive to upgrade the technology used in your application so that Sage is released 7 versions of it’s CRM built using Classic ASP? When Sage will invest to start use new framework like ASP.NET MVC or even go to another part of the world (world of open-source frameworks) and use something like Ruby on Rails or Django?

Microsoft SharePoint

The Microsoft golden boy is build using ASP.NET WebForms, yes I know ASP.NET framework isn’t old framework  but still Microsoft released ASP.NET MVC v1.0 in 13 March 2009 so it’s near 6 years old, and after releasing it everybody asked Do Microsoft will rewrite SharePoint using ASP.NET MVC? The answer was no. Personally I found SharePoint is huge platform and it has many of services and features and rewriting it will be a pain but Does anyone look at HTML generated from SharePoint, it’s ASP.NET WebForms you’ll find a mess inside HTML. I think that’s Why team of Microsoft developers released CMS built using ASP.NET MVC called Orchard which is OSS (open-source software) .

The Real Question:

To sum it up, if I think like a developer I’ll ask Why are big companies don’t invest in using new technologies? if I think as businessman I’ll ask How to invest in adding more feature that customers need to the product so I can sale and release a new version of the software license?